How to Properly Store An Electric Pressure Washer with a Retractable System

How to Properly Store An Electric Pressure Washer with a Retractable System

A Rectratable System like your pressure washer is one that is almost becoming a necessity in every home. Because of the usefulness of pressure washers, many prefer to buy the machine to help reduce the burden of cleaning large or small areas. When you buy a pressure washer, you mostly wish the machine never stops working. While this is impossible, you'll be getting the most out of the pressure washer if you maintain it properly. You may use the pressure washer for many years because you maintained the device correctly.

Part of understanding how to maintain a pressure washer is not only cleaning the pressure washer but storing it. If what you own is an electric pressure washer, you have a lot more work to do. An electrical pressure washer has wires and other components that will affect the pressure washer if they go bad. Also, when exposed to harsh weather conditions, some electrical components like cable may begin to have unexpected changes. Storing your electrical pressure washer goes beyond simply dumping the machine anywhere; it's more about doing some things before the actual storage. This guide is your step by step guide to storing your electric pressure washer correctly. Here's the process to follow;

Turn off the pressure washer

Before you decide to store an electric pressure washer, you need your device turned off. There are quite a lot of places you can keep your pressure washer, especially if it is electric. These places may leave you confused, and you may have to be thinking for a minute or two. While you are considering your options, you can't have your pressure washer running. Apart from increasing your power bills, running the pressure washer without stopping damages.

Remove all water in the pressure washer gun

After pressure washing, a lot of water remains in the gun used for the pressure washing process. Because this water is inside your pressure washer gun, it doesn't evaporate and dry up quickly. Instead, it will cause moisturized dirt within your pressure washer gun. Also, water and electricity do not mix. Therefore, leaving water in your pressure water gun before storing it puts you at risk of causing damages.

Remove all detergent

Electric pressure washing usually requires you to use a detergent. The detergent enables the washing to be a more effective process. Some pressure washers come with a compartment where you can store the detergent, while for some electric pressure washers, you have to add the detergent manually. If your electric pressure washer has a detergent compartment, you must remove all the detergent from within the pressure washer. Usually, this compartment is detachable for easy removal.

Remove hose from a pressure washer

The house of your electric pressure washer is one of the most critical elements of the pressure washer. While storing the pressure washer, it is always safer to have the pressure washer hose in its safest position. With the pressure washer hose, you can detach it and store it carefully.


Storing your electric pressure washer is not as easy as keeping the electrical cables properly. Mostly, you have to follow the process discussed in this guide above.