How to Buy Good-Quality Ping Pong Paddle?

How to Buy Good-Quality Ping Pong Paddle?

Ping pong paddle is a sport’s equipment used to play Ping Pong. These Ping Pong rackets are made of wood covered with a rubber sponge. Other than the skills of the player, these paddles play a vital role in how your game is going to be.

Whether you are a professional player or just an amateur, you should be very careful and considerate while purchasing a ping pong paddle. If you have never visited the sports accessories market or you are looking for something new, visit for endless custom ping pong paddles options.

You might be amazed by having countless options available, but choosing one from many will surely be a challenging task. This article will educate you on how you can get a quality ping pong paddle from the jam-jacked market.

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Why is Paddle Quality Important?

The paddle is the only thing a player can rely on in Ping Pong. Only a good-quality paddle will let you rule the table. A good paddle will give you a comfortable and robust grip, attacking power, and a chance to develop your skills.

If you want to improve your skills, follow our guide to finding the supreme quality paddle!

Ping Pong Paddle Buying Guide

1. Blade Composition

The blade is the central part of the Ping Pong paddle. Usually, this blade is made of wood. However, the Ping Pong federation allows blending wood with other materials to make them more flexible and bouncy.

Compressed paper and carbon fibers are commonly used mixing materials. Regardless of mixing material, in the blade, almost eighty-five percent should be wood. The paddle blades are made from wood layers that can be five or seven.

2. Blade Laminated Rubber

When seeing the different paddles for the first time, most people cannot distinguish between the laminated rubber types. Well, in blade lamination, different types of rubbers are used based on their softness and firmness.

Different names know laminated rubbers; inverted, short pips, medium pips, long pips, tensioned and anti-spin. So, rather than choosing the paddle imprecisely, notices all these minor details.

Regardless of rubber type, its standard thickness should be 4.0mm according to ITTF rules.

3. Grip Style

The Ping Pong paddles are available in different shaped handles for various grips. The two main grip types are pinhold and shakehand. Based on these grips, handles are available in various shapes like straight, anatomic, flared, and penhold.

Straight Handle: The handles are ideal for players who change their grip while playing. These handles provide a quick change, but they are hard and slippery.

Anatomic Handle: These handles are similar with flared but wider. They provide a better grip than straight handles but don’t allow changing the grip.

Flared Handle: These are the most commonly used handle type. Flared handles come up with a bit curvy design which improves the grip. These handles are mostly used for shakehand grip but also allow quick grip change.

Penhold Handle: Penhold handles are specially designed for penhold grip.

Final Verdict

By keeping all these factors in mind, you will definitely get the most suitable and good-quality paddle. You can read all these factors in detail for a better understanding.