Caliburn GK2 Vision vs. Other Caliburn Koko Models

Caliburn GK2 Vision vs. Other Caliburn Koko Models

There are wide varieties of Caliburn Koko in the market. Uwell dropped yet another Caliburn Koko series installment, the Caliburn GK2 Vision. What sets this new model apart from other Caliburn Koko models? This article will provide an honest and in-depth review of the GK2 Vision. Stay tuned to find out more.

Better Grip Than Previous Koko Devices

Right off the bat, the first notable change for the CALIBURN GK2 (VISION) Pod System is the anti-slip feature of its design. Unlike other Caliburn Koko models with only flat surfaced side panels, the GK2 Vision has an embossed metallic texture on one side, providing a better grip even when held with just two fingers. The device can't slip out of hold even with sweaty wet hands.

A Better Viewing of Internals

The Caliburn Koko Prime Vision is the first to have a translucent body for the Caliburn Koko series. But GK2 Vision is more of a transparent view than a translucent view. The GK2 Vision build gives a clearer view of the vape pod's internals. This advantage can preempt unwanted damage to the device, especially e-liquid leakage. Unlike other Caliburn Koko versions with no way of seeing the internals or with Caliburn Koko Prime Vision with not so transparent view of the internals, the GK2 Vision lets the user know of the unwanted e-liquid leakage with a better and clearer view of its internals. Unwanted e-liquid leakage can now be avoided before it gets worst and ruin the entire mechanism without knowing it.

Pro-Tips on How to Avoid E-liquid Leakage on Vape Pods

Avoid leaving the e-liquid cartridge attached to the primary device for a long time when unused. This will result in over-saturation of the cotton and overflowing the center of the OCC. Then the center of OCC is flooded with e-liquid, and the juice will find its way down to the coiling mechanism to its airflow vents, causing e-liquid leakage. If the cartridge still has e-liquid, either empty it entirely or simply don't leave it sitting on the primary device. Next is only to use salt nic-based e-liquids. This type of e-liquid has a higher viscosity level compared to other e-liquids. The higher the viscosity, the more unlikely the OCC being flooded by e-liquid at its center and less likely to cause an e-liquid leakage. Lastly, don't vape pod systems like a mechanical mod. Some vapers, especially newbies, tend to vape pod systems like how they vape mods with RDA. It is by blowing first to the device before performing a long drag of puff for larger vapor production. Pod systems are not meant for cloud chasing but are designed for flavor chasing. Blowing into the device will push out the e-liquid towards the airflow holes of OCC and will cause a huge leak, even if only done once. Try to get used to the MTL or DTL way of vaping to ensure the e-liquid won't leak under the pod's cartridge.

The Flashy Aesthetics

GK2 Vision boasts very cool-looking LED lights and emits different colors and lights effect when used. The LED light feature is also present with Uwell's older released model, the Caliburn AK3. However, the LED lights for the Caliburn AK3 are only visible on the CALIBURN logo on its smaller side. Still, the GK2 Vision is more flashy and aesthetically impressive thanks to its highly transparent body. But GK2 Vision has its drawbacks in terms of this category. The Caliburn AK3 can turn On or off the LED lights, while the Caliburn GK2 Vision has no possible way of turning the LED lights OFF. Additional note: The Caliburn GK2 without the "Vision" on its model doesn't have LED lighting. The side panel is only neon green in color, but it is 100% not powered by any LED lights.


The lanyard is the most common free accessory given by Uwell for its Caliburn Koko variants. But not all Caliburn Koko models have one. Metal chain lanyards are in Caliburn Koko and Caliburn Tenet Koko; silicon lanyards for the AK3, AK2, and PK1 Koko variants; and awesome-looking wide lanyards for the GK2, GK2 Vision, Koko Prime, and Koko Prime Vision. The GK2 may be superior regarding the aesthetic appeal of the device itself. Yet, the Koko Prime Vision has the best-looking lanyard out there. Wishing that this artistic lanyard for the Koko Prime Vision is also available for other Koko variants.

Final Thoughts

All the Caliburn Koko variants have their ups and downs, and Caliburn GK2 Vision is no exception. But in terms of better grip, futuristic cyberpunk feels in design, and a better view of its internals, the Caliburn GK2 Vision is not a flop release. It is a definite must-have for vapers, especially with an excellent need for aesthetic appeal on a vaping device.